The Brilliance of Shower Enemas

The Brilliance of the shower enema

shower enema details                             The Shower Enema is one of the most sophisticated, in genius,easy to use, and unique product for the home as a shower accessory.With many wonderful,exclusive features and easy installation, this product makes it highly comfortable and convenient for use in the  privacy of your own shower. There is a  wide range of many different shower enemas that are available in the market to choose from. the ease of installation and the ease of maintenance makes shower enema systems very convenient and attractive for the maintenance of your colon. You can clean up inside and out in one spot your shower.



The most common models comes with 2 nozzles,  they are 5” and 3.5”  with 6′ stainless steel  hose. The shower enema system is connected to the shower through a valve control mechanism that just screws on your exciting shower pipes directing, the water either goes through the nozzle or into the shower head directly. A few minutes of installation and very easy instructions is taken to install an shower enema system. You don’t need to make any changes or alterations to the current shower water lines, and the hose will easily be removed for storage or privacy. These  shower enema systems makes your bathroom  a place to feel comfort and have the  convenience of getting clean whenever you feel the need to.


Simple Installation


Instructions to install are very straight forward. The one thing that we would suggest is that you use plumbers tape are the male pipes or attachments. the plumbers tape will stop any little leakage that might ac cure with out using the tape. we do not recommend to use what they so call plumbers dope as this product will corrode and get hard over time if you are not using consistently so we would always tell everyone to use the plumbers tape. The tape is not included with the shower enema systems so you will either have to buy separately or hopefully have some around the house you can use. Here below is a quick step by step installation video for the clean stream enema shower system.

As you seen in the video above the installation is very easy and very much for everyone. The valve system makes it easy as you can turn the enema flow of water on and off and also remove the 6 foot hose for privacy as no one will ever know that you have such a system in your shower.

There are many manufactures and retailers offering wide arrays of shower enemas to choose from. As there are lots of options and brand names, you may find it little bit hard to choose the most sophisticated and advanced product out there. Look online for reviews and testimonials about particular brand of shower enemas and choose the one that will fit your needs.

We believe here that we have a wide selection and that we hold the best prices. One of our favorites is below check this one out as i think you will agree for the price this one can not be beat. You can also check out our shower enema kit page for a wide variety of  shower enema systems.


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