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Raw Foods and Enemas For Better Health

Is there anyone who doesn’t know about the health benefits of raw foods or organic foods? Even if there is, before-and-after-weight-lossthe percentage must be very low. Raw food has been the major discussion of late, and the popularity is increasing daily. Why is raw food gaining much attention? The reason is because of its numerous beneficial effects.

Raw and organic foods

Research have shown that processed foods are some of the factors contributing to poor health. Most of the health challenges today are linked to the food we eat. For example, obesity, heart attack, constipation, diabetes, and other complicated diseases are effects of poor eating habit. So, what are the ways to reduce these diseases?

Raw foods are beneficial to the body and improve the general wellbeing. Eating raw and healthy foods can help you cure most of the common diseases such as obesity, constipation, and heart attack. Unfortunately, not all foods that bear the label are 100 percent raw. getting raw foods all the time may be quite stressful, however it’s good to stick to it for better health.

Aim to purchase products, such as fruits, meat and dairy products that are purely organic. The only thing about these products is the cost. Pure organic products are costlier than genetically modified food, however they are the best. These foods are completely raw without any trace of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Additionally, these products use minimal amount of antibiotics and growth hormones.

By eating raw organic foods, you’re limiting the amount of synthetic chemicals that enter your body through such foods.

While raw foods remain the healthiest foods available today, they are not completely free of synthetic chemicals. Some are contaminated in one way or the order, however they are still the best.

Enemas for better health

What’s the special thing about enemas that make them poplar? This is one of the questions some people ask. To be sincere, enemas are the natural ways of detoxifying the body without contributing any harmful chemical to the body. Toxins enter the body in different ways, and when they accumulate in the system they affect the body negatively and reduce the quality of life. Sadly, many people take drugs when they feel weak, thereby contributing to the load of harmful chemicals.

According to health professionals, proper detoxification is the key to a better health. What are the best ways to detoxify the body? Anything that contribute to the loads of synthetic and harmful chemicals in the body is completely discouraged.

Enemas help you live a better life by eliminating toxins from your body. Once you are able to detoxify your body effectively, the system will continue to work efficiently and your health will improve completely.

Coffee Enemas for better health Part 1

Coffee Enemas for better health Part 2

The Countless Causes of Constipation



First of all, let’s make it clear what we mean by constipation. Constipation can be defined in a number of ways. It is when:


– There is a change in the typical frequency of toilet trips. There aren’t a set number of times you should be going to the toilet. The normal frequency of bowel movements depends on the individual. For some they may go twice a day, for others just 3 or 4 time a week. It can be defined as constipation, if there is a change from your normal rate.


– Feces (i.e. poo), becomes hard and difficult to pass.


– There is a feeling of incomplete bowel evacuation. If after going to the toilet, you still feel the urge, then that also falls under the definition of constipation.


What are the causes of constipation?


– Unbalanced diet. A low fiber diet is one of the most common causes of constipation. On average most people don’t consume enough fiber each day to help in the digestion process. Fiber is found in fruit, vegetables


– Lack of fluids. Your body needs plenty of water and fluids to help in the digestion process. If you don’t drink enough water each day, then it will eventually lead to constipation.


– Lack of exercise. Failing to keep your body fit and active will cause many problems both in the short-term and long-term.


– Lifestyle change. A sudden change in your daily routine and overall lifestyle could lead to constipation. This is especially true with changes in your diet and eating habit.


– Ignoring the urge. Delaying going to the toilet to pass stools, when the body is giving you the signs, will certainly lead to complications such as constipation.


– Weight issues. Whether you are overweight or underweight, an unbalanced body mass index can negatively affect different processes in your body. This includes


– Stress and anxiety. Most people will become stressed, or feel anxious under various circumstances throughout their lives. Too much stress and anxiety can lead to depression, and all of these conditions can be the cause of constipation.


– Side effect of medication. There are some medicines such as iron and calcium supplements, codeine and antidepressants, which can have the side effect of causing constipation. You should always consult your doctor, before stopping any medication.


What is the solution?


In most cases constipation is a temporary problem that will go away. For most people it is just a matter of adjusting their diet to incorporate more fiber into their daily meals and drinking more water throughout the day.


If constipation becomes a more persistent issue, then you should consider detoxification. You should always consult with your doctor before a detox, because you need to take into consideration your particular situation and condition.


Overtime various harmful toxins are built up in the body. These toxins won’t allow for the different processes in the body to work efficiently. In more serious situations, detoxification is the best method of getting rid of constipation.


At the end of the day, it’s all about having a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Health Benefits of Detox Colon Cleanse

enema kitA number of diseases have been associated with having an unhealthy colon. When it comes to health, colon cleansing is quite important to achieve great health. Detoxification in colon cleansing is responsible for keeping a healthy colon and general health at large. Harmful toxins located in the colon stop necessary gastrointestinal functions needed for health. For anyone who colon cleanses regularly, it is not uncommon to note that they have a more vibrant appearance, experience easy digestion as well as increased energy levels in the body.

The accumulation of colon in the body really adds some body weight as well as adding some tummy weight making the tummy bulge. Regular colon cleansing will go a long way to eliminate this unwanted weight and make your tummy look flat as it should be. Excess water and waste in the body are some of those things that add up some excess weight. With better digestion, these are eliminated in the body and stop all the puffiness and bloating. Toxins in the body lead to acne, dull complexions and dark eye circles and detoxification by colon cleansing rids the body of those toxins which damage cells for improved circulation.


For easy bowel movements and less constipation from foods at any time of the day, detoxification by colon cleansing is important. Constipation is caused when waste accumulates in the colon and one of the main reasons for this is poor diets and especially those which lack adequate amount of fiber. Eating foods which are low in fiber will not digest quite easily. What detox does is to cleanse the colon properly by breaking down waste so one would be free from heart burns and abdominal pains which are associated with toxic colon.

In general, the body’s health is in good condition when the colon is cleansed. As the environment is filled up with different contaminated elements and pollutants which are harmful as they start to build up in the body, it is necessary for one to detoxify the body regularly with colon cleansing. These toxins accumulate in the colon and other vital body organs such as the liver and kidneys leading to stress, fatigue and in turn low immunity to combat diseases. When detoxification is carried out by colon cleansing, this helps the body organs to regain their control once more and resume proper functions for better health.