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Foods To Relieve Constipation

Constipation is one of the common experience anyone can have at some points in there life. It is likely that  fruits and vegetables constipation occurs due to some changes in the body’s physiology, and sometimes due to the types of food we consume. Generally, low fiber diets and refined foods are much likely to contribute to the onset of constipation. So if the onset can be due to certain food we eat, isn’t it possible to relieve it with other types of food? Not only that we can relieve constipation with food, we can also improve the general well being. While some foods just contribute bulkiness to the body, there are some that help improve digestion and elimination of waste. If you have been looking for foods to relieve constipation, then you need to read on.

It is very important that you limit your consumption of some foods. If you don’t understand the effects of certain types of food in the body, it is possible you contribute to bulkiness. Many people wish to achieve a moderate and sporty shape, however, their ignorance of different components of food lead them to something else.

Foods that help to relieve constipation are mostly those that the body cannot digest due to the presence of some macromolecules. The digestive system have the capacity to process some food efficiently. However, the body lack some enzymes that help to degrade certain foods. For instance, cellulose, which is the major component of plant cells cannot be digested in human body. This is because humans lack the necessary enzyme. Below are some foods that can improve digestion and elimination of waste.

Fiber rich foods

There are many foods that are rich in fiber and all of them can improve digestion and help you to relieve constipation. Fiber retains water in the digestive tract and soften the bulk. It facilitate the easy passage of stool from the intestine to the colon for elimination. Most refined foods devoid fiber, hence they can increase the chance of constipation. Adding fiber rich foods to your diet plan can help you say good bye to constipation. Lest I forget, excess of fiber can cause slight bloating and diarrhea.


fruitsFruits are some of the foods that contain fiber. Like I said earlier, fiber is a component of plant cell so it is not in the fruit juice, but the shaft and the succulent part of fruits such as oranges, apples, watermelon, pineapples, and so on. on no condition should you substitute fruit juice for whole fruits. Add one to three servings to your daily diet plan and say good bye to constipation.




Much like fruits, vegetables also improve digestion. They are very rich in fiber and they improve Veggiesdigestion. Vegetables also have nourish the body with essential nutrients. They don’t only enhance digestion, they supply the body with nutrients that are needed for proper functioning.


There are uncountable of vegetables to choose from. However, it is important that you make organic products your priority. Cabbage, chard, spinach, and kale are green leafy vegetables that help to relieve constipation.

Fruit And Vegetable Juices With Enemas

                        Fruit And Vegetable Juices With Enemas For Detoxifying The Body

Detoxification of the body with a colon cleansing diet is an important aspect for healthy detoxification. Fruit and vegetable juices with enemas has been in the news as the healthy means of detoxifying the body, particularly the colon. When embarking on a detox it is also essential to support the lungs, liver, skin and kidneys as well as the colon, as all these organs help us to detoxify.Coffee enema Kit

It is also crucial to keep the bowels moving, exercise regularly to promote sweating, incorporate lymphatic massage and above all else, drink loads of water to flush out toxins. Some people also choose to find a practitioner to perform colonic irrigation. This is fine, but it is not wise to practice do it yourself coffee enemas, as some diets recommend.

Colon cleansing is an important step in this process because many toxins are released from the large intestine and when this organ is functioning below par, more toxins are stored in your body.

Fruit and vegetable juices with enemas for detoxifying the body include aloe Vera, acidophilus, bentonite clay, fiber and psyllium seed husks, lemon juice, yarrow, green juice as well as a good supply of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These and a cleansing diet will help keep the bowels moving and support your well-being during the process.

Foods high in fiber aid regular elimination and encourage friendly bacteria to multiply and both fruit and vegetables are high in fiber, potassium and essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. They are full of goodness and contain few calories and very little waste. Eat as much as possible in its raw state as it contains high levels of dietary fiber and cleans the gut more efficiently.

                                                        Tips for Effective Enema

While enemas remain the healthy practice for detoxifying it may be less effective if the procedure is not properly followed. Here are a few tips for effective enemas:

Be sure the enema water is neither hot nor cold. It should be body temperature or marginally above.

Enemas the best, You should lie on their privilege side with both legs attracted up near to the abdomen. Attempt to hold the enemas in for 5-20 minutes for finest results.

Rubbing the belly will help oust and move fecal material.

Enemas should be sustained even after you break your fast until the guts begin to move as expected without the help of the enema.

Keep every equipment tidy and sterilized by washing with cleanser and water after each use.

                                                         Preparation of enemas

There are a few types of enemas that help detoxifying the body. Some of them are:

Coffee enemas: they are routinely utilized as a part of the procedure of detoxification to stimulate the liver, nausea, control pain, general anxious pressure and sadness. Initially they are given regularly as up to 8 hours.

Lemon juice enemas: they are made with one half quart of water and the juice of ½ of a crisp lemon. Lemon juice purgatives are particularly useful for colitis issues.

Green Juice enemas: they are regularly included when treating tumor cases. The juices for this enemas contain parsley, wheat grass juice, watercress and dandelion leaves.

Castor Oil Enemas: If long lasting blockage or impaction is an issue, include a tablespoon of castor oil to the enemas.

Here is a how to video for the coffee enema experience