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Juicing and shower enemas for cleansing


Juicing for 10 to 30 days and using shower enemas will create a cleansing that will leave you light and feeling the cleanest you have ever felt.


Green juices like cucumber juice and leafy green juices will flush your system and will cleans your colon. we eat the standard American diet and this diet is very hard to pass through the intense . It is always a good idea to clean out the inner system just as we change oil in our cars. Maintenance is most important for good health. Shower enemas can be your best friend as it is easy and already to go whenever you want to flush and cleanse .


When you  flushing your system with juices you wont have big bowel movements so the shower enema system will be perfect for the keeping and flushing the old stuff out of your colon. In the beginning of you juicing you will more than likely want to use a standard enema system as you will be full of waste but after a few days on the juice feast you will only need to use the shower enemas for flushing.


There are many different recipes for the juices but our advise is to keep it simple as you only need no more than 3 ingredients for a good juice example of a good juice would be cucumber and celery with parsley. The vegetable juice if not want you like to much just add a piece of fruit and it will change the taste completely and be more sweet for you taste buds.  If you wish to juice with fruit you can always do a watermelon feast or any kind of melon as they are full of juice and has vitamins that you body will use.


The benefits you will feel will change your life as you will feel cleaner and lighter than you ever felt in your life. Some people has reported that they have lost there headaches and there acne after going through this process. Shower enemas are very easy to install and easy to maintain and clean. The best is to bye a system that is made with stainless steel as the life of the system will be much longer and also will look nice inside your shower