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The Advantage of Shower Enemas

One of the questions that people usually ask is whether enemas can be applied without the need for a trained Shower Enema Kitperson. Obviously you can flush your colon at home on your own without even consulting any professional. This is easy and possible with the help of shower enema. There are different types of enemas, however a home enema (shower enema) is considered as one of the easiest and cost effective enema for everyone who undergo treatment regularly.

Shower enema is generally accomplished by attaching special enema supplies such as enema shower nozzle to the bathroom shower. This method allows you to cleanse the colon quickly, conveniently and efficiently. Enemas generally have a lot of beneficial effects in the body. Shower enemas has some advantages over the other types of home enemas available. Some of the advantages of shower enemas are discussed below. It is possible you are aware of the use of enema bag to pump liquid into the colon. This practice is applicable to other types of home enemas, and not with shower enema. All what you need to apply this method is enema shower nozzle. The nozzle is inserted into the rectum and the water flow is regulated with the attached pressure valve. Some kits also come with attached tubing, which makes the usage easier. The nozzle can be attached to the shower with a special adapter so that it will not fall off easily.

Once the setup is completed, the usage is extremely simple. You might need to apply some lubricant into the rectum so that the nozzle can be inserted easily without feeling pain. Turn on the shower after insertion and regulate the water flow with the attached verve until the flow is comfortable. As water rushes through the tubing, the colon is gradually cleanse of any debris.

When the colon is filled to certain level, the person then removes the shower nozzle from the rectum and defecates into the toilet.

Shower enema also works rapidly than any other methods. The flow of water is moderately fast and it enhance the quick elimination of waste from the colon. It doesn’t take much time to complete and you can easily regulate it to your own comfort level.

If you want to have a quick relief from constipation, it is advisable you choose a shower enema. It is the best method that can begin the colon cleanse process and enhance regular bowel movement.

Like other home enemas remedies, it is also advisable to seek the advice of a trained professional in other to determine the best condition for cleansing the colon.

Regular cleansing of the colon may help to eliminate waste and toxic substances from the body and create a conducive environment for beneficial bacteria to perform their duties.

Before you use any enema kit, it is very important you read and understand the instructions and follow them carefully.

This is a Video of what is possible with shower enemas , we don’t advise all of this but you can still see how it works and how the shower enema can quickly fill you with clean water for cleansing

The Deluxe Colema Board Home Enema Kit

There is not just one colon cleanse home remedy but several! If you’re looking to improve your health, the bestDeluxe colema board way to begin is with your colon, and the best place to begin it is right in your own home. How do you begin with your colon? Enemas are the perfect and generally accepted techniques that help cleanse the colon and relief constipation. Not only that, enemas also detoxify the body and enhance general well-being. I assume you’re well aware of enemas and enema kits. But what’s so special in deluxe colema board home enema kit? Before we answer that, let’s quickly enlighten you.

The colon is one very important, but often overlooked, organ of the body. You might think it’s the least significant of all the parts of the digestive tract, being located at the end of it, but pretty much of the state of your general well being actually depends on your colon.

The colon is basically involved in the elimination of wastes. It contains different kinds of good bacteria that are necessary in nutrient absorption and digestion. These good bacteria are also necessary in fighting the bad bacteria. When the colon malfunctions, its ability to eliminate wastes is compromised. Over a period of time, the wastes accumulate and eventually clog the colon, and also contaminate the bloodstream, and so crop up the following: constipation, bad breath, headache, abdominal pain or discomfort, skin problems, and colon cancer.

Important of enemas colon cleanse

Enema colon cleanse has been around for a very long time and it will continue to gain recognition due to its effect on human health. Enemas help detoxify the body and improve the health status of individuals’. It helps relief constipation, and also enhance weight loss. In addition, enemas help rid the colon of harmful bacteria and toxins that could cause colon cancer.

Deluxe colema board home enema kit

The deluxe colema home enema kit is a tubing assembly, with a comfort pad, and two disposable tips. It has a syringe for starting the siphon, and a free instructional DVD, which provides usage information and tips. It is a molded one-piece kit created to fit your needs.

Unlike the traditional enema kits, which leave you in pain and complicated conditions, deluxe colema board home enema kit enhances comfort and efficiency. It does not require repeated insertion of the rectal tip, rather it allow you to lie in a stable position during enema administration. It’s easy to assemble and it stays in a stable position during the entire process. The flow of enema water is regulated by you, which enable you to control the dose.

Deluxe colema board home enema kit is endorsed by many people as the best colon cleanser around. Proper use of any colon cleansing kit is needed. Don’t miss reading the instructional material that comes with the packaging and take the advice to heart. These kits were designed by professional with your best interests at heart. Follow their instructions to the letter and soon you will be on your way to better health and a cleaner, tidier colon.


Below is two how to use videos a part 1 and a part 2 . We strongly recommend that you watch both before purchase and before the use of you Deluxe Colema board.


Thank you for watching and reading about the colon cleansing experience. This product is one of the best investments you can make for you and your family for the healthy life we all desire.