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Different Types of Enemas

Enemas are generally used to relieve constipation and detoxify the body. There are differentEnema Kit types of enemas among which are cleansing enema, medicated enema, Fleet enemas, coffee enema, barium enema, and so on.

Fleet, shower, and coffee enemas are popular and widely used to relieve severe or occasional constipation. In addition to relieving constipation, they can also be used to cleanse the colon and remove fecal materials.

Fleet Enemas

Fleet enemas can also be used in certain conditions such as after using a barium enema. The generic name for fleet enema is mineral oil. It is very effective and can be used for different purposes, however, they are mainly applied to detoxify the body and also soften the stool.

If you’re one of the people who suffer from severe constipation from time to time, fleet enemas may be the best solution to help you get rid of accumulated debris in the colon. Apart from softening the stool and cleansing the bowel, fleet enema also helps to detoxify the body of harmful chemicals.

The mode of action of fleet enema is simple, and does not cause any serious side effects to the body. This type of enemas works by retaining water into the intestine and help to increase bowel movement.

Coffee EnemasCoffee enemas

Coffee enemas can also be used to detoxify and purify the body. It is one of the most popular enemas available today. Generally, its action is based on the medicinal properties of coffee, which includes strong antioxidant agents. These agents are very effective and can help eliminate certain toxins from the body.

Shower Enemas

Shower enemas is undoubtedly the most convenient enemas which can be applied at home without seeking any assistance from the professionals. The procedure of shower enema is quite simple and can be used to remove waste products from the bowel at home.

Barium Enemas

This type of enema is applicable for radiological purpose and can be used as a contrast agent for colon examination. The preparation may contain water soluble contrast agent, or barium sulfate powder. According to medical professionals, barium enema is the safest practical way to examine the colon. Since the barium enema is used to examine the colon, it is important to flush the colon with shower enema after the application. Flushing can also be made using baking soda, which helps to remove traces of barium in the patient’s colon.

Other types of enema solution that is also available in stores include equal parts of molasses heated together with milk to a temperature of about 30 degrees. These are some of the enemas that are widely used for different purposes such as detoxification, medical examination, and to relieve constipation.


Coffee Enemas For Liver Cleanse

The motivation behind the use of coffee enema is to purify the blood and clear the liver of poisons. Coffee EnemaThese poisons happen from the usual metabolism of food in addition to the cancer-causing poisons from our polluted surroundings, medications, food and water toxins, for example, pesticides, additives, hormones, and fluoride.

How coffee enema cleanse the liver

How coffee enema cleanse the liver is by expanding the liver’s ability to detoxify poisons in the blood and tying them to the bile. All the while, the liver washes down itself as it discharges the harmful bile into the intestine for evacuation.The whole blood supply flows through the liver at regular intervals. By holding the coffee 12 to 15 minutes, the blood will pass round four to five times for purifying, much like a dialysis treatment.The water in the coffee enema enhance intestinal peristalsis and aid the evacuation of accumulated harmful bile.

Instructions to Prepare Coffee Enema

Despite the rumors you might have heard, coffee enemas are completely safe when taken as instructed. (Unless generally determined, ONLY when on the Gerson Therapy they suggest every patient take enema every morning.) It is advisable you make a quart of coffee, by using 2-4 tablespoons of coffee in every quart. The water ought to be decontaminated with reverse osmosis filtration system; on the off chance that you don’t have such system, locally acquired spring water will suffice. Obviously, naturally developed coffee would be best for this methodology.

Handling The Coffee

The coffee should to be prepared in a glass coffee maker or a stainless steel. Aluminum is not suggested, since aluminum is a poisonous metal and can drain into the coffee while livening. It is satisfactory to make the coffee in the evening against the next morning; this permits the coffee to cool. The coffee is best utilized at body temperature. On the off chance that it cools excessively overnight, warm somewhat before use.

Step By Step Instructions To Administer A Coffee Enema

At the point when planning to take the enema, it is best to discharge the colon first and foremost.
Make sure you hang the liquid in the enema bag not less than 12 – 18 above the waist. The higher the enema bag, the more pressure and the quicker it will enter the body. First and foremost, discharge clamp and permit some coffee out to expel air from the tube, then re-clamp.

Grease up tip and rectum. At that point lie on your privilege side in shower tub, or on your hand and knees, or stand bowed at the waist, whichever is most relaxing, then gradually embed the tip with a side to side movement to sidestep the transverse rectal folds. Discharge the clamp, and let around a half quart of coffee gradually stream in, then re-clamp. Hold up five seconds. At that point permit the rest in.
From the start, it might be hard to hold the enema, however it is normally prescribed holding the coffee around 12 to 15 minutes before expelling.
Now and again, because of reduction in the blood toxic burden, an increment in energy may happen, and some individuals may feel somewhat unsteady, even though most find the enema unwinding. Normally, the jitteriness decreases after about the third enema, if necessary.

Here is a Coffee enema Video that shows how to perform the liver cleanse and its benefits

Fruit And Vegetable Juices With Enemas

                        Fruit And Vegetable Juices With Enemas For Detoxifying The Body

Detoxification of the body with a colon cleansing diet is an important aspect for healthy detoxification. Fruit and vegetable juices with enemas has been in the news as the healthy means of detoxifying the body, particularly the colon. When embarking on a detox it is also essential to support the lungs, liver, skin and kidneys as well as the colon, as all these organs help us to detoxify.Coffee enema Kit

It is also crucial to keep the bowels moving, exercise regularly to promote sweating, incorporate lymphatic massage and above all else, drink loads of water to flush out toxins. Some people also choose to find a practitioner to perform colonic irrigation. This is fine, but it is not wise to practice do it yourself coffee enemas, as some diets recommend.

Colon cleansing is an important step in this process because many toxins are released from the large intestine and when this organ is functioning below par, more toxins are stored in your body.

Fruit and vegetable juices with enemas for detoxifying the body include aloe Vera, acidophilus, bentonite clay, fiber and psyllium seed husks, lemon juice, yarrow, green juice as well as a good supply of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These and a cleansing diet will help keep the bowels moving and support your well-being during the process.

Foods high in fiber aid regular elimination and encourage friendly bacteria to multiply and both fruit and vegetables are high in fiber, potassium and essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. They are full of goodness and contain few calories and very little waste. Eat as much as possible in its raw state as it contains high levels of dietary fiber and cleans the gut more efficiently.

                                                        Tips for Effective Enema

While enemas remain the healthy practice for detoxifying it may be less effective if the procedure is not properly followed. Here are a few tips for effective enemas:

Be sure the enema water is neither hot nor cold. It should be body temperature or marginally above.

Enemas the best, You should lie on their privilege side with both legs attracted up near to the abdomen. Attempt to hold the enemas in for 5-20 minutes for finest results.

Rubbing the belly will help oust and move fecal material.

Enemas should be sustained even after you break your fast until the guts begin to move as expected without the help of the enema.

Keep every equipment tidy and sterilized by washing with cleanser and water after each use.

                                                         Preparation of enemas

There are a few types of enemas that help detoxifying the body. Some of them are:

Coffee enemas: they are routinely utilized as a part of the procedure of detoxification to stimulate the liver, nausea, control pain, general anxious pressure and sadness. Initially they are given regularly as up to 8 hours.

Lemon juice enemas: they are made with one half quart of water and the juice of ½ of a crisp lemon. Lemon juice purgatives are particularly useful for colitis issues.

Green Juice enemas: they are regularly included when treating tumor cases. The juices for this enemas contain parsley, wheat grass juice, watercress and dandelion leaves.

Castor Oil Enemas: If long lasting blockage or impaction is an issue, include a tablespoon of castor oil to the enemas.

Here is a how to video for the coffee enema experience

The benefits of doing coffee enemas for cleansing your body

Enemas can generally be defined as permitting fluids to flow through the anus in order for it to enter the large bowel or the colon. A new coffee enema method of using coffee as related to normal saline is now a possibility that health-conscious individuals can decide to do in order to cleanse and purify their bowels.

Coffee contains caffeine which helps in opening the human blood vessels. Once there is coffee in the bowels, the blood vessels will widen and this help improve the flow of blood in the colon. Hence, coffee enemas help in more effective detoxification. We might have heard of putting tea bags over the eyes in order to prevent the dark circles development, this works exactly the same way because tea has caffeine same as coffee. When we use caffeine, the blood vessels widen and it prevents restrained blood vessels just as below the eyes.

So why do we introduce coffee enemas instead of just consuming the coffee? This is because the introduction of coffee to the body by enemas causes it to be in contact with the colon without having the duodenum, the small bowel or the stomach to engross all the nutrients before it gets to the colon. Coffee has distinct enzymes which once it fills up the large bowel, which stimulates the bowel to eject all the toxins and undigested food in the human body. This also helps to stimulate the bile ducts and the liver in order to produce more bile so as to improve the digestion system.

Some benefits of coffee enemas?

•    Coffee enemas help in cleansing the body in a natural way.
•    The aim of coffee enemas is to clean the colon of toxic waste coated on colon walls. By doing this will improve the vivacity of the body.
•    Coffee enemas are profitable and effective detoxification.
•    Coffee enemas work proficiently because of the presence of caffeine, Theo bromine, theophylline and other components in coffee.
•    As a stimulant, the presence of caffeine speeds up the discharge of toxins, wastes and other substances from the small intestines.
•    The enzymes in coffee know as palmitates, help the liver take away the toxins in bile acid.
•    The coffee enemas are absorbed to the hemorrhoid AL vein, this then goes up to the liver.

Below is a how to video for performing a coffee enema at home

Generally, coffee enemas and colonics are considered harmless. Nevertheless, it is advisable to consult with a physician before self-prescribing; this is to ensure that the detoxification is safe and achieves the desired results for your specific issues.

Coffee Enemas Feel Bright and Light

Coffee goes beyond being nothing more but a stimulant that is pleasant. Extensive research has revealed that coffee enemas is one of the authentic and natural ways that coffee takers use (without knowledge) to detoxify their bodies.
Coffee enemas is a much better detoxifying agent, and thanks to the presence of caffeine, theophylline, theo-bromine and various other components which feature heavily in the coffee.
First and foremost, we must state that coffee is a widely recognized stimulant that goes through the herrmohodial vein and deposits directly into your liver which hastens the purification process.

What is the purpose for coffee enema?
Loading tones of junk food in your body every day is not a wise decision. Eating only foods that have been friend and foods that are fatty not forgetting foods/snack/drinks with high levels of calories are just foods that do more harm than good to you. But of course you know all this by now…
But knowing doesn’t mean that we do not indulge in sweetness, let’s focus more on what is important, the constant headaches, sleeplessness, nausea, weight gain, lethargy, acidity and various other symptoms, the best way to get back in shape, tone down these symptoms and eventually get rid of them once and for all is to detoxify, and coffee enema is a brilliant detoxifying agent!

Its Great Advantage
By consuming this product, your body will be able to get rid of toxins that are harmful in your body; your body will be cleansed of all negative toxins leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Coffee enemas is the product you want to use as a detoxifying agent!
This way, you will detoxify your whole being/person and discover a fresher, more energetic person!

Health Benefits from the Use of Coffee Enemas

coffee enemaIf you are in search of an effective and natural solution for the detoxification of your body, you might want to consider coffee enemas as a viable alternative.  Many people consider this intriguing yet unconventional method to possess much more dramatic effects and increased benefits compared to the standard saline enemaCoffee enemas contain not only caffeine, but other significant substances such as theobromine and theophylline which greatly enhance the detoxification process of the human body to a much higher degree, according to many medical studies.


Significance of Caffeine


Because caffeine is actually classified as a stimulant, it is more quickly absorbed through the large intestines and the hemorrhoidal veins which lead directly to the liver.   Therefore, to achieve the optimum benefits of detoxification, do not mistakenly use a decaffeinated brand of coffee.


The coffee enemas process is fairly typical as compared with the saline solution method.  Combine 2 teaspoons of coffee powder with 2 liters of water.  Bring to a boil, and let it cool to room temperature.  Then substitute the coffee solution for the saline into your standard enema kit.


Reduced Illness


The additional presence of caffeine being introduced directly into the bloodstream of the liver through coffee enemas will boost the production of bile into overdrive, which we have already discussed will lead to enhanced detoxification.  But this extra bile is also another natural defense of the body to fight off and eradicate other unwanted intruders besides toxins, such as germs and bacteria, which can lead to other potential illnesses.  Fewer irritants and foreign substances contained within the body mean fewer cases of sickness.


Weight Loss


Not only does this alternative procedure boost the body’s detoxification process, but it has been shown to amplify weight loss at a faster rate than the traditional enema process.  As increased levels of toxins and pollutants are released through the introduction of the additional caffeine into the system, the associated compacted waste products are loosened within the body as well.  The body will then naturally and efficiently eliminate these substances which can weigh as much as 10 to 15 pounds.


Safe and Limited Side Effects


Since there is no prescription necessary or predetermined schedule to maintain such as with some forms of barium enemas and fleet enemas, the coffee method is extremely flexible and convenient.  There are few limitations for users of coffee enemas, even being safe for children and mothers who are breastfeeding.


The side effects are extremely minimal and very short term.  You may experience a sudden burst of energy from the extra caffeine which may keep you from going to sleep that night, and prolonged use can potentially lead to dehydration.  But most medical professionals will agree that coffee enemas are largely a very safe and effective manner of detoxification.

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