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Enemas for Colon Health

There was a time I use to consider the colon as a passage for waste products. However, after Before-After-Colonreading a couple of health related articles, I found that the colon plays many roles in the body, and not just as a passage for waste products. Unfortunately, it is one of the less recognized organs in the body.

If you are conscious about your health and want to live a healthy life, then you need to take proper care of your colon as it plays an important role in eliminating waste and toxic chemicals that can cause serious problems in the body. Furthermore, if you understand the roles of harmful microorganisms in the body and how they can affect your health, then you should know why you need to keep the colon healthy all the time. Enemas are one of the major ways to keep the colon healthy without causing any serious side effects. This technique is widely used across the world, and helps prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms in the gut.

Prior to the elimination of waste from the body, they are stored in the colon and may be reabsorbed back into the system if the colon retain it for long. Reabsorption of harmful substances back to the body is not the only thing that happens in the colon. In fact, it is just one out of many things that occur if the colon is overloaded with toxic substances.

The colon is the major areas in the body that enhance the growth of microorganisms. Of course, microorganisms can grow in every part of the body, however, the colon is the most abandoned regions, which makes it more convenient for organisms to grow.

What happens if the colon is not healthy?

Unhealthy colons can contribute certain problems to the body. And what’s more, it can complicate some issues such as indigestion or constipation. Ideally, the colon should allow the easy passage of waste products without difficulty. However, if the colon is unhealthy, it allows waste substances to stay long and enhance the growth of microorganisms, which ferment waste substances and pollute the blood. In addition to that, it also allows the body to reabsorb water from the stool and makes it difficult to eliminate the waste product.

How do enemas enhance colon health?

Enemas enhance colon health by helping to get rid of waste products which might cause harm to the body. It also enhances easy and smooth movement of the bowel.

Regular application of enemas also prevents constipation and reduce the loads of microorganisms in the colon. Since enemas enhance the movement of bowels and elimination of toxic substances, it also helps to prevent fermentation in the gut.

How to do an enema at home. Step by step below


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Enemas For Clear Skin

Like I always say, enemas have a lot of beneficial effects. Their effects have been applied and researched Enemas Bagextensively on different conditions. Generally, enemas are used to detoxify the body and eliminate excess waste. They have also been proved to have positive effects on the skin. If you are one of those people who are battling with serious skin problems such as acne, you might have search everywhere for solution. Yet, your search continues until you finally find a lasting solution to the problem. I know many people will say huh! Enemas for clear skin? Isn’t enemas for detoxing the body? Well, if that’s what you think, you are absolutely right. Enemas help to detoxify the body and also play a vital role in clearing the skin. Awesome right? Alright, let’s take it from this angle.

Why is colon cleansing important?

The colon is the last five feet of the alimentary canal. If you like you can call it digestive system. Its major function is to retain water, vitamin and electrolyte and hold stools prior to elimination. Along with other organs like the lungs, liver, kidneys and skin, colon is one of the principal organs for elimination of waste. If any of the organs malfunction, say for instance the liver, then other organs are put in pressure.

If your colon is loaded with excess waste and your bowel is not moving regularly, the accumulated toxins will be reabsorbed into the system. The reabsorbed toxins will ultimately find ways to leave the body.

Take it or leave it, toxins that are reabsorbed are more likely to be eliminated via the skin. If toxins that are supposed to be eliminated via the colon is reabsorbed into the body and eliminated through the skin, the effect will be skin problem such as acne. Again the food and the drinks we consume causes a lot of changes in our digestive tract. Any damages to the wall of the intestines will decrease peristalsis movement. The decrease in the movement of food lead to a decrease bowel movement, which result in accumulation of undigested food. The accumulated food is then fermented by bacteria and yeast, giving off by-products which result in inflammation reactions and causes damages in the cell. Inflammation reaction may further affect the skin.

For these reasons it is important to cleanse the colon so that harmful substances will not be reabsorbed in the body.

How enemas clear your skin

Inserting water into the colon will help you soften the bulk and enhance the elimination process. Once the bowel movement is regular and waste substances are eliminated from the gut, the body becomes free of toxins. This process helps prevent toxins resorption and getting eliminated via the skin. If there’s no toxins accumulated in the colon, then there will be a lot less skin problem.

Another thing you need to remember is that enemas work best for skin problems when you watch the types of food you consume. Consuming highly refined and processed food can increase the chance of having skin problems.

Here is a video that shows you how to perform an enema and clear up your skin.

The benefits of doing coffee enemas for cleansing your body

Enemas can generally be defined as permitting fluids to flow through the anus in order for it to enter the large bowel or the colon. A new coffee enema method of using coffee as related to normal saline is now a possibility that health-conscious individuals can decide to do in order to cleanse and purify their bowels.

Coffee contains caffeine which helps in opening the human blood vessels. Once there is coffee in the bowels, the blood vessels will widen and this help improve the flow of blood in the colon. Hence, coffee enemas help in more effective detoxification. We might have heard of putting tea bags over the eyes in order to prevent the dark circles development, this works exactly the same way because tea has caffeine same as coffee. When we use caffeine, the blood vessels widen and it prevents restrained blood vessels just as below the eyes.

So why do we introduce coffee enemas instead of just consuming the coffee? This is because the introduction of coffee to the body by enemas causes it to be in contact with the colon without having the duodenum, the small bowel or the stomach to engross all the nutrients before it gets to the colon. Coffee has distinct enzymes which once it fills up the large bowel, which stimulates the bowel to eject all the toxins and undigested food in the human body. This also helps to stimulate the bile ducts and the liver in order to produce more bile so as to improve the digestion system.

Some benefits of coffee enemas?

•    Coffee enemas help in cleansing the body in a natural way.
•    The aim of coffee enemas is to clean the colon of toxic waste coated on colon walls. By doing this will improve the vivacity of the body.
•    Coffee enemas are profitable and effective detoxification.
•    Coffee enemas work proficiently because of the presence of caffeine, Theo bromine, theophylline and other components in coffee.
•    As a stimulant, the presence of caffeine speeds up the discharge of toxins, wastes and other substances from the small intestines.
•    The enzymes in coffee know as palmitates, help the liver take away the toxins in bile acid.
•    The coffee enemas are absorbed to the hemorrhoid AL vein, this then goes up to the liver.

Below is a how to video for performing a coffee enema at home

Generally, coffee enemas and colonics are considered harmless. Nevertheless, it is advisable to consult with a physician before self-prescribing; this is to ensure that the detoxification is safe and achieves the desired results for your specific issues.