Requirements for Performing an Enema at Home

An enema is a good way of passing fluid into the back passage or rectum through the anus, in order to cleanse the bowels or the large Enemas1intestines. An enema will not just cleanse the body but also gives instant relief when you find yourself with headaches or just feeling in a bind. The most common type of enemas is when large amount of liquid is used to fill up and flush the colon.
The Enema system has been used as an effective cleansing and health practice for centuries. Allopathic and other alternative medicines promote enemas as a more efficient way for restoring and maintaining health.

Performing enemas at home is actually very simple.  The enema system can be difficult to some individuals, but the more you prepare and how much information you know the easier and comfortable your enema will be.
Below are some outlined requirements for performing an enema at home.

Purchase your enema kits
First, it is important that you purchase your enema kits. To start you need an enema bag or a canister: we can find numerous types.

Enema bags with an enema bag one can use supplements more easily e.g. organic aloe Vera, extra virgin oil, juice, etc.
Reusable Enema bag – this enema bag can also serve as a hot water bottle. The reusable enema bag is durable and it preserves the enema solution and prevents it from cooling too fast.
Disposable enema bag – though this enema bag is called disposable, but may be used several times if rinsed thoroughly. This enema bag has a broader opening at the top of the bag, this makes it easy to clean and refill.
High-volume enema bag – most enema bag are between 1.5L and 2L but the high volume enema bag is up to 4L. Using the high-volume enema bag will take away the need for refilling the bag when administering a high volume enema.

Prepare your Enema solution
You need to plan your enema solution and how much of it one will be using and make sure you have all the necessary constituents for the enema. For a first time enema solution it is recommended to use a salt and water solution. This is preferable because salt and water is more neutral to the human body.

It is advisable to keep an enema solution simple at the start, you can then move to a more advance solution when you are more comfortable.
Choose and prepare your space
Plan and prepare your space for the enema and ensure your equipment for the enema. When choosing a space for the enema ensure it is comfortable and close to the toilet. The bathroom floor is a good and convenient place for an enema.

Prepare for the enema
Enema should not be administered at random time. You need to consider some things before you begin with the enema system. Such as
• When is best time for the enema?
• What you should eat the day before administering the enema?

Below is a step by step video on how to prepare and perform an enema. In the video below it is showing with a bucket style of enema kit but you can use a enema bag also for the same results.

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