How Processed Foods Harm the Human Body

What can we do to reduce the dangerous effects of processed foods in the human body? process foodsObviously, we can’t stop processing foods, yet the deleterious effects is alarming. The entire world’s population is increasing, likewise the demand for foods. Foods are processed for several reasons, for example, for storage, and to preserve the quality during transportation. Since there’s little we can do about it, then we need to familiarize ourselves with the harmful effects of processed foods, so that we can reduce or possibly avoid the damages.

What are processed foods?

The word “processed foods” is often misinterpreted by different individuals. However, there’s clear difference between “Real and Processed foods”. Real foods have their natural nutrient unaltered, while the nutritional components of processed foods have been modified.

Nowadays, the majority of the foods we eat have been modified either in one way or the other. For example, butter is separated from the milk and churned. Another thing about processed food is that some are chemically modified, and others are processed by mechanical means.

If a food is natural and undergo mechanical processing without any additional chemical, it is real food. However, if the food has been processed chemically with some added synthetic ingredients, it is generally known as “processed food”.

How processed foods affect the body?

There are many ways they affect your body. While you think they are healthy for everyone, they usually contribute to various health problems.

1. Loaded with added sugar and contribute to weight gain: everyone knows the effects of refined sugar in the body, yet we can barely avoid it because it’s present in majority of the processed foods we eat. The presence of refined sugar in most of the food we eat is one of the reasons why weight loss success is difficult to achieve. It also contribute to various diseases such as childhood obesity. Apart from that, processed sugar also have some devastating effects on metabolism.

2. Encourage overconsumption: like I said earlier, processed foods are loaded with artificial nutrients that encourage you to eat more. Because most of the foods contain salt, sugar, and fat, they become people’s favorite. The effect of overconsumption is excessive weight gain and other health issues.

Low in dietary fiber: we don’t need to argue the fact that processed food is one of the causes of constipation. The main reason is because they lack dietary fiber, which enhances digestion and bowel movement.

How to reduce the effects of processed foods

enema bagBecause of the accumulation of harmful chemicals in the body, its important detoxify the body to encourage good health. Fortunately, there are many ways to cleanse the body and encourage good health. One of such methods is enemas for detoxification, which helps you eliminate toxins and waste from the body.


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