Health Benefits from the Use of Coffee Enemas

coffee enemaIf you are in search of an effective and natural solution for the detoxification of your body, you might want to consider coffee enemas as a viable alternative.  Many people consider this intriguing yet unconventional method to possess much more dramatic effects and increased benefits compared to the standard saline enemaCoffee enemas contain not only caffeine, but other significant substances such as theobromine and theophylline which greatly enhance the detoxification process of the human body to a much higher degree, according to many medical studies.


Significance of Caffeine


Because caffeine is actually classified as a stimulant, it is more quickly absorbed through the large intestines and the hemorrhoidal veins which lead directly to the liver.   Therefore, to achieve the optimum benefits of detoxification, do not mistakenly use a decaffeinated brand of coffee.


The coffee enemas process is fairly typical as compared with the saline solution method.  Combine 2 teaspoons of coffee powder with 2 liters of water.  Bring to a boil, and let it cool to room temperature.  Then substitute the coffee solution for the saline into your standard enema kit.


Reduced Illness


The additional presence of caffeine being introduced directly into the bloodstream of the liver through coffee enemas will boost the production of bile into overdrive, which we have already discussed will lead to enhanced detoxification.  But this extra bile is also another natural defense of the body to fight off and eradicate other unwanted intruders besides toxins, such as germs and bacteria, which can lead to other potential illnesses.  Fewer irritants and foreign substances contained within the body mean fewer cases of sickness.


Weight Loss


Not only does this alternative procedure boost the body’s detoxification process, but it has been shown to amplify weight loss at a faster rate than the traditional enema process.  As increased levels of toxins and pollutants are released through the introduction of the additional caffeine into the system, the associated compacted waste products are loosened within the body as well.  The body will then naturally and efficiently eliminate these substances which can weigh as much as 10 to 15 pounds.


Safe and Limited Side Effects


Since there is no prescription necessary or predetermined schedule to maintain such as with some forms of barium enemas and fleet enemas, the coffee method is extremely flexible and convenient.  There are few limitations for users of coffee enemas, even being safe for children and mothers who are breastfeeding.


The side effects are extremely minimal and very short term.  You may experience a sudden burst of energy from the extra caffeine which may keep you from going to sleep that night, and prolonged use can potentially lead to dehydration.  But most medical professionals will agree that coffee enemas are largely a very safe and effective manner of detoxification.

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