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The benefits of doing coffee enemas for cleansing your body

Enemas can generally be defined as permitting fluids to flow through the anus in order for it to enter the large bowel or the colon. A new coffee enema method of using coffee as related to normal saline is now a possibility that health-conscious individuals can decide to do in order to cleanse and purify their bowels.

Coffee contains caffeine which helps in opening the human blood vessels. Once there is coffee in the bowels, the blood vessels will widen and this help improve the flow of blood in the colon. Hence, coffee enemas help in more effective detoxification. We might have heard of putting tea bags over the eyes in order to prevent the dark circles development, this works exactly the same way because tea has caffeine same as coffee. When we use caffeine, the blood vessels widen and it prevents restrained blood vessels just as below the eyes.

So why do we introduce coffee enemas instead of just consuming the coffee? This is because the introduction of coffee to the body by enemas causes it to be in contact with the colon without having the duodenum, the small bowel or the stomach to engross all the nutrients before it gets to the colon. Coffee has distinct enzymes which once it fills up the large bowel, which stimulates the bowel to eject all the toxins and undigested food in the human body. This also helps to stimulate the bile ducts and the liver in order to produce more bile so as to improve the digestion system.

Some benefits of coffee enemas?

•    Coffee enemas help in cleansing the body in a natural way.
•    The aim of coffee enemas is to clean the colon of toxic waste coated on colon walls. By doing this will improve the vivacity of the body.
•    Coffee enemas are profitable and effective detoxification.
•    Coffee enemas work proficiently because of the presence of caffeine, Theo bromine, theophylline and other components in coffee.
•    As a stimulant, the presence of caffeine speeds up the discharge of toxins, wastes and other substances from the small intestines.
•    The enzymes in coffee know as palmitates, help the liver take away the toxins in bile acid.
•    The coffee enemas are absorbed to the hemorrhoid AL vein, this then goes up to the liver.

Below is a how to video for performing a coffee enema at home

Generally, coffee enemas and colonics are considered harmless. Nevertheless, it is advisable to consult with a physician before self-prescribing; this is to ensure that the detoxification is safe and achieves the desired results for your specific issues.

Fleet Enemas for those Special Times

Kissing We know that this subject makes people uncomfortable even though they do this in there private moments with there partner but we just thought we need to talk about it for a little time as it is very important. The subject will always make people either giggle or shy away but the truth is that a lot of couples perform anal sex and we all need to know what is out there to make our experience as pleasant as possible.


Fleet enemas are commonly used for preparation for a evening of love. When one is going to give there man the ultimate experience by releasing all to there man. Everyone should prepare for the experience. The Anal Douche is necessary to assure there is no embarrassing leakage white having anal sex. We all know than a man loves to have anal sex and once the relationship is ready for this act there is no better way to prepare for that time of giving than an anal douche.

The best way to perform a anal douche is to use a Fleet Enemas. The reasons for this is that is it fast to use this product and also it is the most convenient product out there. Fleet Enemas are small enough to carry with you and then u can use when you are not at home . This way if you know that you will release the best love making time to your partner and you are in a hotel or maybe his house or anywhere that you are not at your home, then this is the best product to have for that time of quick cleaning and relaxing feeling that they give you. They have Fleet Enemas with aloe Vera in them and that will give you a little more smoothing feeling inside and that always helps.

In closing Fleet Enemas are easy to use, fast, and portable for that moment when an anal douche is necessary to get ready for that special time when two people are ready to enjoy the most intimate act between lovers.

The Brilliance of Shower Enemas

The Brilliance of the shower enema

shower enema details                             The Shower Enema is one of the most sophisticated, in genius,easy to use, and unique product for the home as a shower accessory.With many wonderful,exclusive features and easy installation, this product makes it highly comfortable and convenient for use in the  privacy of your own shower. There is a  wide range of many different shower enemas that are available in the market to choose from. the ease of installation and the ease of maintenance makes shower enema systems very convenient and attractive for the maintenance of your colon. You can clean up inside and out in one spot your shower.



The most common models comes with 2 nozzles,  they are 5” and 3.5”  with 6′ stainless steel  hose. The shower enema system is connected to the shower through a valve control mechanism that just screws on your exciting shower pipes directing, the water either goes through the nozzle or into the shower head directly. A few minutes of installation and very easy instructions is taken to install an shower enema system. You don’t need to make any changes or alterations to the current shower water lines, and the hose will easily be removed for storage or privacy. These  shower enema systems makes your bathroom  a place to feel comfort and have the  convenience of getting clean whenever you feel the need to.


Simple Installation


Instructions to install are very straight forward. The one thing that we would suggest is that you use plumbers tape are the male pipes or attachments. the plumbers tape will stop any little leakage that might ac cure with out using the tape. we do not recommend to use what they so call plumbers dope as this product will corrode and get hard over time if you are not using consistently so we would always tell everyone to use the plumbers tape. The tape is not included with the shower enema systems so you will either have to buy separately or hopefully have some around the house you can use. Here below is a quick step by step installation video for the clean stream enema shower system.

As you seen in the video above the installation is very easy and very much for everyone. The valve system makes it easy as you can turn the enema flow of water on and off and also remove the 6 foot hose for privacy as no one will ever know that you have such a system in your shower.

There are many manufactures and retailers offering wide arrays of shower enemas to choose from. As there are lots of options and brand names, you may find it little bit hard to choose the most sophisticated and advanced product out there. Look online for reviews and testimonials about particular brand of shower enemas and choose the one that will fit your needs.

We believe here that we have a wide selection and that we hold the best prices. One of our favorites is below check this one out as i think you will agree for the price this one can not be beat. You can also check out our shower enema kit page for a wide variety of  shower enema systems.


What is inside Fleet Enemas

The ingredients that make Fleet Enemas effective

                           Fleet enemas is made of a saline solution. In reality laxatives are breaking up the stool in which help in easy bowel movement in case of constipation. Saline laxative reacts by pulling water into the colon to loosen the stool. This results in softening the stool mass, and an increase in the bowel action. Every 1-5 minutes of stimulating bowel movements relieves of any pain or will be helpful in relieving you of your constipation.

                           Apart from this they also help in the act of inner body purification and cleansing. The product actually lubricates the linings of the intestines so that no irritation is caused during your bowel movement. Normally after administering the liquid it takes only 2-15 minutes before your colon is fully emptied. Fleet Enemas work quickly and efficiently.

                          Fleet Enemas  will also relieve you of your pain or discomfort if you have any, and also the feeling of being bloated and dragged down with no energy . The functions of this liquid is to clean the colon, remove all harmful toxins from your body thereby reducing the possibilities of any dangerous sickness and the wonderful feeling of being cleansed inside

                         It is really important that your colon is relieved from pressure on a regular basis or else it might result in several ailments and constipation. Fleet enemas actually removes all the harmful toxins from your body resulting in better health and a lighter feeling. The feeling of being clean inside makes your body and mind alive and alert. You can use several nutrients and other products, but fleet enemas are the best programs to cleanse your body.

Fleet Enemas for fast relief

Fleet Enemas are the fastest way to either relief constipation or to clean your colon quickly.


Sometimes we need relief fast. Constipation can be painful and just not comfortable. We need to get rid of that waste fast and nothing works faster than using fleet enemas . You just pull off top and get into position and then insert the Pre lubed tube and squeeze , Nothing is faster and more effective. Everyone should have a supply in there house for times when you just need it now. So many people wait until they have a problem before thinking about there solutions but we all know that nothing is worst than having to go to the store when your constipated. Why not be prepared and always have a fleet enema or two home and ready for when you or your family needs relief .


A quick little story about an older male that had a standard American diet and as we all know that the diet is very poor in fiber and nutrition for the body to function smoothly. He was constipated often and was using those chocolate flavored depositories to relieve his constipation but they did not work quickly enough and not very well so we convince him to try fleet enemas and he said that that was the best thing he has ever done. He said he was very embarrassed when buying them and that he would hide them from his wife because he was embarrassed and did not want anyone to see them.

He said that they worked great and that he will always use them but did not like going to the store to buy. We told him and showed him how to order online and when he started to do this he was very happy. Then he said one day his wife found them and he started laughing as he said he was expecting some jokes or something bad from his wife but instead his wife told him that it was about time he got smart and even told him that she had been using fleet enemas for years to relieve her constipation.


We should just put away any issues that we have when we think what other people might say or think because the simple fact is that we all have constipation and we all should treat that the best way . Fleet Enemas are the fastest way to relieve your pain.



Juicing and shower enemas for cleansing


Juicing for 10 to 30 days and using shower enemas will create a cleansing that will leave you light and feeling the cleanest you have ever felt.


Green juices like cucumber juice and leafy green juices will flush your system and will cleans your colon. we eat the standard American diet and this diet is very hard to pass through the intense . It is always a good idea to clean out the inner system just as we change oil in our cars. Maintenance is most important for good health. Shower enemas can be your best friend as it is easy and already to go whenever you want to flush and cleanse .


When you  flushing your system with juices you wont have big bowel movements so the shower enema system will be perfect for the keeping and flushing the old stuff out of your colon. In the beginning of you juicing you will more than likely want to use a standard enema system as you will be full of waste but after a few days on the juice feast you will only need to use the shower enemas for flushing.


There are many different recipes for the juices but our advise is to keep it simple as you only need no more than 3 ingredients for a good juice example of a good juice would be cucumber and celery with parsley. The vegetable juice if not want you like to much just add a piece of fruit and it will change the taste completely and be more sweet for you taste buds.  If you wish to juice with fruit you can always do a watermelon feast or any kind of melon as they are full of juice and has vitamins that you body will use.


The benefits you will feel will change your life as you will feel cleaner and lighter than you ever felt in your life. Some people has reported that they have lost there headaches and there acne after going through this process. Shower enemas are very easy to install and easy to maintain and clean. The best is to bye a system that is made with stainless steel as the life of the system will be much longer and also will look nice inside your shower


Enemas and food for the best cleansing experience

The right combination of enemas and foods will leave you feeling the cleanest you have ever felt.


The combination of these two factors will leave you feeling the best inside and out. Most of us have very detoxing diets that we consume everyday for years and years. We eat foods that really is not what the body needs but what the brain wants and we all know that the brain can always play tricks on us for all kinds of quick feelings. The old saying that we all have heard is to eat our fruits and vegetables is so true when it comes to cleansing ourselves for health. The fruits we should be eating are filled with water and goodness for our bodies , when we eat fruits it keeps us hydrated and that is one of the most important aspects for cleaning out our colon. Water is necessary to keep the colon moving and working as designed. Below is a video of how to do an enema and as everything else we done agree with everything in this video but the how to take an enema is right on the mark. Enjoy the video and finish reading the post and then get your enema system from us and start getting healthier and more energy than ever before.

When you include a regular enema schedule with the good foods we can become much cleaner inside our colon and everything will move through the colon much easier. The fruits also has fiber and that is something we miss with our standard American diet. Fiber help the colon to move everything out of the body without leaving DE brie behind. We become much more clean this way. There are so many ways to help our colon health with the foods we chose that there will be many more blog post to discuss this issue. there will be more details and maybe even a step be step instruction coming soon. The first thing to we all need to do is just to start eating more fruits and vegetable and start cleansing ourselves . We should always rely on just the enema products but we should use all of our knowledge to become healthier .

Coffee Enemas Feel Bright and Light

Coffee goes beyond being nothing more but a stimulant that is pleasant. Extensive research has revealed that coffee enemas is one of the authentic and natural ways that coffee takers use (without knowledge) to detoxify their bodies.
Coffee enemas is a much better detoxifying agent, and thanks to the presence of caffeine, theophylline, theo-bromine and various other components which feature heavily in the coffee.
First and foremost, we must state that coffee is a widely recognized stimulant that goes through the herrmohodial vein and deposits directly into your liver which hastens the purification process.

What is the purpose for coffee enema?
Loading tones of junk food in your body every day is not a wise decision. Eating only foods that have been friend and foods that are fatty not forgetting foods/snack/drinks with high levels of calories are just foods that do more harm than good to you. But of course you know all this by now…
But knowing doesn’t mean that we do not indulge in sweetness, let’s focus more on what is important, the constant headaches, sleeplessness, nausea, weight gain, lethargy, acidity and various other symptoms, the best way to get back in shape, tone down these symptoms and eventually get rid of them once and for all is to detoxify, and coffee enema is a brilliant detoxifying agent!

Its Great Advantage
By consuming this product, your body will be able to get rid of toxins that are harmful in your body; your body will be cleansed of all negative toxins leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Coffee enemas is the product you want to use as a detoxifying agent!
This way, you will detoxify your whole being/person and discover a fresher, more energetic person!

The Countless Causes of Constipation



First of all, let’s make it clear what we mean by constipation. Constipation can be defined in a number of ways. It is when:


– There is a change in the typical frequency of toilet trips. There aren’t a set number of times you should be going to the toilet. The normal frequency of bowel movements depends on the individual. For some they may go twice a day, for others just 3 or 4 time a week. It can be defined as constipation, if there is a change from your normal rate.


– Feces (i.e. poo), becomes hard and difficult to pass.


– There is a feeling of incomplete bowel evacuation. If after going to the toilet, you still feel the urge, then that also falls under the definition of constipation.


What are the causes of constipation?


– Unbalanced diet. A low fiber diet is one of the most common causes of constipation. On average most people don’t consume enough fiber each day to help in the digestion process. Fiber is found in fruit, vegetables


– Lack of fluids. Your body needs plenty of water and fluids to help in the digestion process. If you don’t drink enough water each day, then it will eventually lead to constipation.


– Lack of exercise. Failing to keep your body fit and active will cause many problems both in the short-term and long-term.


– Lifestyle change. A sudden change in your daily routine and overall lifestyle could lead to constipation. This is especially true with changes in your diet and eating habit.


– Ignoring the urge. Delaying going to the toilet to pass stools, when the body is giving you the signs, will certainly lead to complications such as constipation.


– Weight issues. Whether you are overweight or underweight, an unbalanced body mass index can negatively affect different processes in your body. This includes


– Stress and anxiety. Most people will become stressed, or feel anxious under various circumstances throughout their lives. Too much stress and anxiety can lead to depression, and all of these conditions can be the cause of constipation.


– Side effect of medication. There are some medicines such as iron and calcium supplements, codeine and antidepressants, which can have the side effect of causing constipation. You should always consult your doctor, before stopping any medication.


What is the solution?


In most cases constipation is a temporary problem that will go away. For most people it is just a matter of adjusting their diet to incorporate more fiber into their daily meals and drinking more water throughout the day.


If constipation becomes a more persistent issue, then you should consider detoxification. You should always consult with your doctor before a detox, because you need to take into consideration your particular situation and condition.


Overtime various harmful toxins are built up in the body. These toxins won’t allow for the different processes in the body to work efficiently. In more serious situations, detoxification is the best method of getting rid of constipation.


At the end of the day, it’s all about having a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Health Benefits of Detox Colon Cleanse

enema kitA number of diseases have been associated with having an unhealthy colon. When it comes to health, colon cleansing is quite important to achieve great health. Detoxification in colon cleansing is responsible for keeping a healthy colon and general health at large. Harmful toxins located in the colon stop necessary gastrointestinal functions needed for health. For anyone who colon cleanses regularly, it is not uncommon to note that they have a more vibrant appearance, experience easy digestion as well as increased energy levels in the body.

The accumulation of colon in the body really adds some body weight as well as adding some tummy weight making the tummy bulge. Regular colon cleansing will go a long way to eliminate this unwanted weight and make your tummy look flat as it should be. Excess water and waste in the body are some of those things that add up some excess weight. With better digestion, these are eliminated in the body and stop all the puffiness and bloating. Toxins in the body lead to acne, dull complexions and dark eye circles and detoxification by colon cleansing rids the body of those toxins which damage cells for improved circulation.


For easy bowel movements and less constipation from foods at any time of the day, detoxification by colon cleansing is important. Constipation is caused when waste accumulates in the colon and one of the main reasons for this is poor diets and especially those which lack adequate amount of fiber. Eating foods which are low in fiber will not digest quite easily. What detox does is to cleanse the colon properly by breaking down waste so one would be free from heart burns and abdominal pains which are associated with toxic colon.

In general, the body’s health is in good condition when the colon is cleansed. As the environment is filled up with different contaminated elements and pollutants which are harmful as they start to build up in the body, it is necessary for one to detoxify the body regularly with colon cleansing. These toxins accumulate in the colon and other vital body organs such as the liver and kidneys leading to stress, fatigue and in turn low immunity to combat diseases. When detoxification is carried out by colon cleansing, this helps the body organs to regain their control once more and resume proper functions for better health.